Discover yourself through community

Fully integrated Mentoring Platform

Online introduction to experts, messaging and seamless transition to video conferencing

Alumni Management

Engaging alumni to mentor current students, structuring the networking process, and building community post graduation

Student Outcomes and Pathways

View statistics on career outcomes and students engagement while leveraging Artificial Intelligence to create tailored career pathways

  • K-12 Solutions


    We currently serve K-12 students by providing institutional platforms to manage their career exploration process tracking their progress throughout the entire educational process

  • College Solutions


    Helping college students start preparation for job placement when they have the most flexibility to position themselves as great job candidates - from the very first day of school

  • Returning Veterans


    Helping Veterans transition from active duty into civilian life at great companies throughout the United States. Transitioning world class leadership and teamwork abilities into context of a civilian work environment.


What People Are Saying

Universities, students, and professionals love their expertise unlocked within their own community. Talking advantage of the human capital around us benifits everyone, leveraging an organization's most powerful resouce, the collective expertise of all

James Bottom

Director, Blackstone LaunchPad USC

Nexus is a unique mentoring platform that instantly connects our top MBA students, faculty, alumni, industry experts, and entrepreneurs empowering our ecosystem to drive inovation forward

Dave Brown


I have always wanted to become a game developer, thanks to my mentor i was able to get my dream internship programming virtual reality games

Emad Hasan

ex-Facebook, Paypal

My mentors have been instrumental in shaping my career success and coached me during my time at Paypal and facebook. I have really enjoyed mentoring junior employees and hope that they pass along this tradition of mentoring

What We Provide

A mentor-centric virtual career services platform structuring the networking process through curated matching of knowledge seekers with current industry experts.

By combining direct, live advice from professionals via built-in video chat with personalized career content, the collective experience of all becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Video conferencing

One click transition from mentor introduction to video chatting.

Introductions and messaging

Curated matches transitioning to messaging.

Machine Learning

Adapting mentor and career resource recommendations to your changing needs and ambitions.

Career Resources

Online course recommendations to curated news feed.

Customizable Design

Tailored to fit the style of your organization.

Give Back

Helping you Pay it Forward to those who need your specific knowledge most.